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Bartender Pouring Cocktail

Red Dress Fest '23

Dear Red Dress Fest Community,

With hearts full of gratitude and smiles that echo the vibrancy of the night, we wrap up Red Dress Fest 2023—a celebration that surpassed all expectations and left an indelible mark on our community.

Thank You!

To each participant, volunteer, sponsor, and supporter, for bringing your energy, style, and enthusiasm to this unforgettable event. Your presence lit up the night, and your contributions made Red Dress Fest a resounding success.


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As we bid adieu to this year's festivity, we're already looking forward to the next chapter. Stay in the loop for updates on Red Dress Fest 2024 by subscribing to our newsletter. Your continued support makes this celebration possible, and we can't wait to welcome you again for another night of glamour, unity, and community spirit.

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Relive the Magic


Relive the unforgettable moments of Red Dress Fest 2023 through our captivating photo gallery! From the dazzling poses in our stationary Photo Booth to the professionally captured glamour by our talented photographer, the essence of the night comes alive in each frame.

Stationary Photo Booth Snippets


Photographer's Lens

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